Satan and his Demons don’t Play Fair

Satan and his demons take advantage of our ignorance, weaknesses and innocence to attack and come into us. Demon’s primary attacks come during our childhood when we are most vulnerable, defenseless and innocent. They know that a child doesn’t have the same defense mechanisms that an adult has and therefore are more easily damaged, thus accessible.

When we say or do hurtful things to a child or to one another we are creating wounds in the other person and a wounded soul is a landing strip for demons to come into the wounded person. This is because the wounds were created by sin and sin is an invitation for demons to come in.

Demons can also enter a person through certain practices or things we do ignorantly.  For example, playing with a Quiaji board, going to or listening to psychics, getting your palm or cards read, going to seances, watching porn, violent, scary or witchcraft movies or games, yoga, eastern meditation, praying to false gods or idols, getting involved in false religions, cults or occult societied, tossing a coin into so called good luck fountains etc.  You can also pick up demons at funerals, cemeteries or hospitals if you have something in your soul that gives them access to you, like unforgiveness, bitterness, unconfessed sin, rage, anger, fear, hatred and other such sins.  All these are sin, wound your soul and give demons a legal right to come into you.  For more information about things we engage in that cause curses and open the door to demons read the book Curse Breaking, the Healing School CDs which I recommended and list on the first page of this blog.

Also tattoos, especially those depicting darkness or evil and body piercing can be a portal for demons to enter a person. Both tattoos and body piercing is a form of blood letting which demons love; and these practices have their root in the occult or rebellious counter culture. That being the case, these practices could negatively affect the positive influence of a born again Christian out in the world and should therefore be avoided.  We are called not to conform to this world (Rom.12:2, 2 Cor. 6:17), not to love this world nor the things of this world (1 John 2:15) and to come out of this world system (Rev. 18:4).  If you got the tattoos after you came to Christ, then seek deliverance or pray that any demon that enter through the tattoo leave you in Jesus’ name and close any portal created by the tattoo.

Yes in the new covenant we are under grace; however we are still under immutable spiritual laws that are still just as alive today as they were in the old testament. Satan and his demons are just waiting for you to violate them so that they can enter into you, your life and bring havoc.  As Christians, let’s put on the armor or God daily and walk in the discernment of the Holy Spirit so that we won’t be taken by Satan’s devices.