Deliverance Via Videos

Many people have been delivered, via the deliverance videos below, watch as many times as possible.  Deliverance is like peeling an onion, layers upon layers of demons ( & issues) must be removed. Only the Holy Spirit knows what needs to be addressed first and at what speed, so stay the course and be patient.

Go to the deliverance ministries list page in this website, if you are looking for a one on one personal deliverance session.

Deliverance Videos

Derek Prince: Deliverance Prayer

30 Minute Deliverance Session

Dissociated personality or Demons?

Your Soul is Sabotaging your Life!

How to Recognize and Expel Demons-Derek Prince

How to Deliver Children from Demons

Women’s Healing Seminar: Learn How Satan Tricks Women! Don’t be Denied

Prophetic & deliverance prayer- Prophet Edd Branson

Prophet Edd Branson gets into underworld to deliver souls

SRA/DID-Satan’s Last Days Hybrid Breeding Program: Session 1

Exorcist Bob Larson ministers to a victim of satanic ritual abuse