Can Born Again Christians have Demons?

The answer to the question can a born again Christian have a demon on the inside, is a resounding yes; and usually there are more than one demon.  Those who argue against this notion say that the Holy Spirit cannot dwell with demons; however, they fail to understand that any part of a person that has not been redeemed and under the control of the Holy Spirit does not belong to the Holy Spirit and can therefore be infested by demons; I’m talking about the soul and body. A born again Christian cannot be possessed, which denotes total ownership, but they can be demonized.

All demons and issues in our lives are not cast out or resolved automatically when we accept Christ as Lord and Savior.  Our spirit becomes born again when we receive Christ but our soul (our will, mind & emotions) and body remain un-redeemed, a work in progress.  This is why the bible says that we have to renew our mind (Romans 12:2) and crucify (Galatians 5:24) the flesh daily so that we can become more like Jesus Christ and more and more free of demons and healed of all our life’s issues.

God’s word and the Holy Spirit sanctify us but we must ask the Lord to show us what the enemy doesn’t want us to know, because the word of God says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. Our ignorance gives he enemy an advantage over us.  We have to contend for our total healing and deliverance.  Our soul has to prosper as it says in 3 John 2, so that we may enter into the life of freedom and blessings that the Lord died and resurrected to give us.  We must have nothing in our soul that is in common with the enemy. Our soul must be healed, cleansed and submitted to Christ completely in order to get free of demons; and demons will not leave voluntarily they have to be cast out.

Now we will take a look at some examples of believers in Christ having demons.

The woman in Luke 13:11 whom Christ delivered from a spirit of infirmity, was a believer.  Jesus called her a daughter of Abraham because she believed in Him.  Jesus made it clear to the Pharisees that a son or daughter of Abraham did what Abraham did, which is to believe in God. She believed in Christ yet she was afflicted with this demon of infirmity.  The demon didn’t automatically go when she believed in Christ, as some believe, that they all go automatically; it had to be cast out of her or commanded to get off of her.  The bible doesn’t specify if the demon was in or on her but the point is that the demon was in or on God’s property. Her body was the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Another example of demons in believers in Christ is in Mark 1:23.  The bible says that the man was in the temple and was demonized.  In the original Greek, the word for demonized is daimonizomai.  Only born again Christians can be demonized but non-believers are possessed. So the man was a believer and yet a demon was cast out of him. Possession means ownership, born again Christians are owned by Christ so they can’t be possessed by demons but they can be demonized.  To be demonized means that there are un-redeemed areas in the life the Christian that are still controlled and tormented by a demon who’s living on the inside.

In the story of the Syrophenician woman in Mark 7:25, who wanted Jesus to deliver her daughter from demonic possession, we see that Jesus told her that he was sent to the Jews, those that were in covenant with God, not to those who were not in covenant, as she was. Although in the end he was merciful to her and granted her request.

From the Syrophenician story we can say that deliverance is the children’s bread (Matthew 15:22-28) or is for believers. Demons were meant to be cast out of born again Christians not non-believers, for to do so would worsen their condition, because the bible says that 7 more demons would enter them (Matthew 12:43-45). Non-believers do not belong to Christ.  If by the mercy of God a demon is cast out of a non-believer, the deliverance will not last unless that person immediately makes the Lord Jesus Christ their lord and savior.

I can say from personal experience that born again Christians can have demons and be tormented by them. The devil (Satan) has deceived too many Christians into believing that they can’t have demons, for this reason many are sick, tormented, in poverty and in bondage.  Jesus didn’t tolerate people who came to Him to continue to suffer, so why are church leaders allowing the devil to go unchallenged.  It is time for the church of Christ to start healing and driving out demons according to Matthew 10:8.

If you want to learn more about deliverance or if you need deliverance, I recommend the following books and CD:

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    2. Curse Breaking: Freedom From the Bondage of Generational Sins  by Bob Larson
    3. Larsons Book of Spiritual Warfare  by Bob Larson
    4. Prayers that Rout Demons  by John Eckhardt
    5. Regions of Captivity by Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell
    6. Iniquity by Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell
    7. The Healing School  by Katie Souza

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